Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Dramatic morning

Here was I, photographing dramatic clouds from my bedroom first thing when all I really needed to do was an emergency washing, hopefully to dry outside, in order to be all set to leave here early tomorrow morning. Actually, the clouds held off doing anything until late morning, so I did the necessary, and my bag is all packed. I'm off with 3 other women to Lewis for a three-day retreat; we're all piling into one car so the bag is necessarily rather smaller than I'd like ...

And as always happens when I'm going somewhere, I spend a sort of limbo day fretting I'll forget something. I've packed some pills for the crossing from Ullapool - looks as if winds will be brisk tomorrow - and the bottle of gin is in the food bag. Yes, it's a retreat, but some things aren't to be given up. 

Hope there's a signal of some sort in the northern fastnesses, or I'll be doing a big catch-up at the end of the week ...

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