Jukka's Log

By jukkakos

Midsummer meet #15

Another South-Karelian geocacher's meet today. This meet was organized by me at Uukuniemi, which is the nothermost village of South-Karelia. Meet location was in Papinniemi Camping at Lake Pyhäjärvi. I captured an image odfone travel bug I had with me on the calm lake (check tha extra :D). Weather was totally calm, grey and a bit rainy time to time, but that didn't reject meet participants to find geocaches around the area after the meet.

For the most of participants it was their first visit in there, due that area is right next of state border zone of Finland and Russia and deep in the countryside and almost 200 km's away from the southern side or South-Karelia. I don't know why, but I had feel some strange connection to area since my first visit there couple of years back and it feels like home base. Not to mention the incredible nature and scenes, which I really like a lot.

You can see the area in the map.

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