Deer, Deer

Today I went over to Rivington to do some geocaching with Rick. He wanted to find a cache that I had already found so I went along to give him a hand. The cache was part of a series called Little Quest which involves finding a specific cache in each of the English counties, getting a number from each one and then using these numbers to work out the co-ordinates for a final cache.

We had found quite a few of the county caches together when we had been watching Chester but I had completed the rest some time ago and had finished the series in 2013. Rick completed the feeder caches a couple of years ago but had never been to get the final one although we had tried last summer but couldn't get access because of the  moorland fires. 

Anyway today we had a successful visit which didn't take long and afterwards we attempted another circuit near Belmont. Unfortunately the rain came down in torrents and we got soaked to the skin so halfway round we decided to abandon the walk. It was still a good day out though and we walked around 7 miles.

We spotted these deer on the way round. Winter Hill is in the background.

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