By LadyFindhorn

Souvenirs of Calton Hill

I do wonder how many more tourists can be accommodated in Edinburgh. I pose the question because I had reason to be up Calton Hill this afternoon at the Collective Gallery where Glasgow daughter and her business partner who run their company Panel in Glasgow , were hosting ‘Souvenirs of Calton Hill’.
It was a chance to buy some expensive and exclusively designed items plus a discount on the ordinary gift shop souvenirs. There was gin and ice cream to loosen the purse strings.

Getting to Calton Hill involved negotiating hordes of tourists, the like of which was totally mind blowing especially between the Mound, the Station and Regent Road. I can’t remember seeing so much humanity in the city, ever, and it’s not yet the Festival.

I despair at how Edinburgh is being spoiled by its current popularity; and it’s not just Edinburgh , but Skye, Route 500 and Orkney with its cruise ships and now Lonely Planet is recommending Shetland as a place to visit. Where will we have to go for tranquillity and beautiful countryside.

This has developed into a rant, but I’m upset at such an upsurge in tourism which the Edinburgh city Fathers and the Scottish government appear to be aiding and abetting.

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