By toph

what's the name of that path?

Not much sleep
A meet up with representation (vaguely affiliated to my union), the boss's boss and HR to see about getting me back to work. It is just the start of the process and i will no doubt want to talk about it on here. Please feel free to comment yourselves and even follow along on IG

I am looking for comment as I think transparency and honesty in this situation is vital.
it's taken so much effort to even just write that Ill have to leave to rest for my next blip.
Thanks for following so far. I really do appreicate all the kind words and likes/faves this is a lovely site that i still encourage people to join even thouigh I no longer pay for the priviledge... i will join again when i can afford it I PROOOMISE (you are all lovely people)
I look forward to whatever you have to say.

oh yeah to Shandon folk what's the name of that path at the back of the colonies the one that uses to be the railway line? Does it even have a name?

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