activity or reactivity

By toph

april fool

another poor night's sleep
some futzing around before a walk in the late afternoon

I'm trying to come up with an open letter to my work about my current situation but as you don't know the build up to this it'll have to be an out of sync aside til probably after i send it

April 1st around 1030 I was charged with driving a van 39% overweight, the police were great, they made me feel like i was sane.
I have gone up to town that morninng with my boss to do some light work on troughs and planters. On the way back he finally broke the silence and we chatted about work. I asked him about 2 things i had wanted to do over the winter months - (get a mower upstairs at a building so we wouldnt need to carry one up three flights of stairs - it's a H&S issue gone mad - welcome to the wonderful world of gardening) and a job filling in a channels that would have taken 5 people 2 days with a tractor.
He said that they weren't important, having previously agreed that we could easily do them over the winter months.
I spent 15 minutes giving him a piece of my mind (the upshot being that I I was not being listened to, i felt belittled , obstructed and had excuses pored on me regularly).
After a break my boss filled up a van with top soil. I pointed out to him twice that it was overloaded and reiterated my previous 15 minutes piece of mind. He didnt listen to me and got me to drive it around the corner to the job (even though i explained that loading a van back and forth would take weeks, as i said 5 folk/1tractor/2days) - hence the police action

That's the bit that really twists my mind.I had literally just said you are not listening to me, he didn't, yet I got charged.
There are other bits of the story that you don't need to know just yet as there is much to explain in terms of what I trying to do with this situation. It is becoming more complex and I'm a different person because of it

In the meantime the police
Once i pulled over my boss jumped out the van and had a 30/40 second conversation with them while i sat in the drivers seat thinking that you dont jump out the van when stopped by the police - you get shot - i learnt to drive in Canada.
The police officers approached at the passenger side, opened the door and one officer said to me.
"Uh I'm sorry that we had to stop you but from the looks of it (she looked me up and down) you are overweight and that's not a personal comment"
The three of us had a very small giggle while my boss stood to the side looking like he wasn't there, She brought us back with a hand gesture and i got out and we went through the proceedure of the SAD brakes and risks
At the end the the officer asked if there is anything I'd like to say, I said "no I can't but thank you" (I'm sure I said thank you, I am canadian by birth). The other officer then said "well in 6 months time you'll hear from the procurator fiscal and you may or may not be charged it really depends on how it lands on the desk and  what other things are going on, and the which day it is...." and they got in their police car and left

It's so nice to be "read" as a tubby bastard by a police officer as a way to calm the situation down. It worked for me. I've been enjoying watching Scots Squad a lot more since the incident.

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