activity or reactivity

By toph


up early to call in sick for another week at work
I'm still a little rattled over Friday's meeting with my Boss's boss, HR and some representation, so had a lie in
an afternoon walk along the Water of Leith to the Botanics where lots of things were poorly labelled and there is a nice pitcher plant acting like a weed.
I start therapy again tomorrow

My previous therapy had been booked prior to the incident after I still felt depressed after a relationship split in 2017
The phone asessment was ok, although i got the feeling they weren't sure what types of therapy were on offer, but could get 6 sessions.
The intial therapy session went well, but by session three i felt we were floundering, and a friend offered to look up my therapist online to see what letters she had after her name
"Oh right, she's got letters after her name"
"Oh", said I
3 days later i came to the understanding that I now consider myself gender non binary
It is the easiest way for me to keep all the anomalies and odd circumstances in my life under one metaphorical cloche.
My pronouns are they/them

LIke a lot of places my work is playing catch up on Trans Policies and there is nothing in place. So Im a little messed up at the moment, I could do without being a pioneer - they get a bad rep in Canada - I may have named my dog Cabot but i was more than happy to find out that he (and his son) were a bit rubbish and that suited (aka) "Meatbag" well. A failed explorer who really liked bread.

So the following 2 sessions were a mix of work, relationship, and gender stuff. The closing session was great, she had been brilliant, and i told her. I also told her about my friend looking her up, and we talked about further options of couselling and she advised me to look out for a book. I bought it.

She shook my hand and walked me to the door, and as she closed it she said,
"I never want to see you again... I say that to all my patients"
and shut the door in my face.

I laughed

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