activity or reactivity

By toph

not as polished

First session of therapy went ok although i was quite nervous. There is always so much to say...

Tomorrow wil be the last of my intestinal steroid for the Crohn's. It has done a lot of good, and i hoping things don't lapse again once Ive finished to course. I still have another couple of months til the Consultant. That being said, when I said to him last time that I was off with work related stress and depression he suddenly jumped up. I had stopped my previous course of medication because it made me smell... I can't put any better way than that. I've worked in retirement homes and I've never smelt this.... so I stopped taking it and the smell stopped, so we've had to start again. Not the smartest move i ever made but it seemed necessary at the time

Im glad I have this time off to sort through stuff. Im not sure I could have done it while working. I have not picked up tools since the incident, though a i did a bit of light weeding at a friend's allottment and potting up of some cuttings. It felt strange to do.

I didn't come out of therapy this afternoon feeling as bad as I thought i would.

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