activity or reactivity

By toph

that's why they have plastic on fruit and veg...

Nice to see a friend, over from out west, early enough to go to the Briget Reilly exhibit, both of us are excited to see, but we went for a drink and then another... I PROMISE next time, we'll see it? 

Its always nice catching up but we have gotten into talking about our collective pasts. Our Mum's were friends at school and when we moved tot he SCotland in 1974, it seemed like a reasonable pairing (please play Dukla Prague Away Kit at the juncture to short hand our early friendship) These days we live on opposite sides of the country and i don't get to see him as often as I should. We are family.
Invariably there comes a point in our conversation which means i have to explain some odd cultural difference - he gets most the Canadian stuff but when it comes to Gay male practise, it can be tricky.
Our local cottage shut a few years ago. Public toilets throughout Edinburgh are harder to find, I care because I have Crohn's and most places are ok about it, but other times it's more a cultural problem. Our local super market has become the cottage, and I'm sure nobody is annoyed and it is kept under control and under wraps but sometimes I bumble into situations and because i have past experience on the gay scene I can pretty quickly pick up on a vibe. Unfortunately that alerts them because they think I'm interested... and i have to quickly control the situation without laughing... which can be hard as you suddenly feel trapped in a bad 1970's itv comedy.

Anyways this was news to my friend, as im sure it can be to a lot of people. Ive been told of a finger buffet outside a men's toilet that helped spread a new strain of STD/STI (i can never rememeber which) a few years ago

That's why... support your local public toilet and they can remove the amount of wasteful plastic packaging.

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