Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

Bad mother :/

It was Chino's birthday yesterday.... and I forgot...... he was 7.... and he didn't have a party ....I know.... bad mother or what!:(
He's had a good day today though.... he's seen Jess and wee Hudson as we  popped in for a visit en route to our holiday cottage....(and I had oh so cosy Huddy cuddles)....then a visit to Croft Castle National Trust en route, where Chino was very well behaved in the Gardens....despite the swathes of flowers for potential Chino flower trashing.  Here he is, outside one of the doors to the manor....he looks right at home doesn't he!  
Landed in Pembrokeshire ....in such an adorably quirky cottage, with candles and wine awaiting us.... I think we will be very happy here this week :)) 

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