By IainatCreel

Stromness Town Hall - with fake blue sky

After calling Davey and Ziberoonie at 7.30 a.m. we decided (after all separately checking three local forecasts) to postpone our visit to the Hoy Hills.  2 hours later we were planning a trip to the house of the Duty Officer of all three forecast services to explain that there is only one ‘g’ in resignation.  With the ferry departed we were ecstatic* to gaze on the hot hills of Hoy.  We then vociferously hammered nails into an effigy of Michael Fish. 

So I have been amongst the Astrantias and will cross over to Hoy at 6.30. 

A quick grab of the Stromness Town Hall on my way to the boat. 

IainatCreel is away from his hammock and is being played by a.n. other RADA member.  The part of Ian McCaskill was played by Robert McDougall.  The part of Peter Dimmock was played by Joyce Grenfell.  Other parts were played by members of the cast.

*Replace ecstatic with apoplectic

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