By IainatCreel

Orkney and Caithness

On waking in Hoy the Current Mrs Creel decided we should go into the hills.  So we did.  Along the Old Road, around Berriedale and down the steepness of Clicknafea.  So today you see CMC at the top of Clicknafea, above Rackwick, with the Pentland Firth and Caithness through the moistness.  Some people travelling along the B9170 between Methlick and New Deer may have noticed a house called Clicknafea.  If so you need to get a hobby.

Plenty of huge thunderplumps today with rumbles of thunder coming from over in Caithness. 

My English teacher, Mr McPherson told me ‘You’ll go far’.  I didn’t at first realise it was an instruction.  He gave me one and threepence halfpenny and told me to get a single ticket to Falkirk.

I never saw him again.

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