A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Finally got the Shiny New Game Escape Plan to the table.  Although it has options for solo or 2 players the 'real' rules start at 3-players, and we've a few gaming friends around this evening.

As with any first play of a moderately complex game it was a bit longer than it should be, and it transpires we had a couple of rules wrong, but it was great.  

The theme is that the players are a gang of thieves who were laying low having stashed the cash in various places around the city.  But now the game is up and it's every thief for themselves as you try and grab as much cash as possible before the cops close the last exit down.

In other news - doing a bit of decorating today I had need of getting out the acetone to shift some black adhesive someone had stuck signs to the wall with.  While I had it out I gave the lens mount of the 'dead' camera a clean; especially the electrical contacts even though they looked perfectly clean.  

That seems to have made a considerable difference, and took several garden shots without it crashing.  (It's started crashing occasionally since, but...).

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