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Victoria - Twenty-First Birthday

Today is our beautiful granddaughter's twenty-first birthday, so today's picture could be none other than Victoria. We visited during the afternoon for the present opening and cake; they had spent the day at iFly, indoor skydiving.
Today’s main picture is of her with her balloons, one from her friend and the personalised rose gold one from us. Between my husband and I we took so many pictures, over 150 that I did not know which to choose. I have added an extra as I liked it. She is holding a pink duck and a mug, presents from her best friend who also sent her the balloon and a beautiful red dress. To see her with her cake click here.
The weather was not great and I spent the morning trying to upgrade my older Mac, which does not seem possible. It is likely I will have to take it to the Apple shop, but I cannot do that until after my Open University contract ends, due to data protection and the necessity to remove the student's names. After lunch I managed to dodge the showers and plant some bean plants as well as some flowers. I did not get as much done as I would have liked.  
The weather at GMT noon was seventeen degrees Celsius; it has rained a little with lots of black clouds although the sun shone intermittently.

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