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I have spent a lot of time today trying to crochet a “Granny Square”. I did a session last year with Skylark designs, but have not done much since. In between looking at the instructions from my session, a book and several YouTube videos, I still have not made a square although I have pulled undone several! I seem to get stuck on the corners and which hole to go into next. I will try again tomorrow I think, but will probably go back to knitting which, to me, is so much easier.
Today’s picture is of some of the plums on one of our young trees. This is the first year that there has been a crop of any size. Whether the deer will get them first I do not know. The rescued Virginia Creeper was looking lovely a week or so ago, today it has been stripped bare of its leaves.
The grocery order came this morning and between my husband and me it was put away quite quickly. We had pizza for lunch, a ready-made gluten-free Pizza Express one for me, but with added toppings, although not as much variety as usual. I purchased sliced onions and mushrooms, not something we usually have, but it meant I could cook them, sitting on a stool and then add them to the pizza. Tomorrow, I will be using pre-prepared vegetables, again not something I usual buy.
My family have gone out today, it is Victoria’s twentieth birthday and she choose to go to Colchester zoo. They are then going to her favourite Mexican restaurant for a birthday dinner celebration.

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