By strawhouse


The other day my car passed the MOT with a few advisories. As usual it was the tyres - it's like I just have look at them for them to wear out!!
It was booked in today for a service at the Toyota Garage but we don't get tyres there so it'll be yet another trip to a garage in the next few days. Uuughh!!
We dropped the Little Misses off at school and then carried onto the Toyota Garage. Annoyingly once we got there they said it would be ready before 5pm and that was as specific as they could be. 
Not ideal as we have to pick up the Little Misses at 4pm.
And not ideal as we were stuck in the arse end of nowhere in Bletchley for the foreseeable future!!
We decided the only thing for it was to walk to Ikea for breakfast. Who knew, there are pavements and footpaths and underpasses in Milton Keynes. It was like a whole new world!! 
We had a bargain £1.50 breakfast - love an Ikea breakfast!! - and managed to leave without buying anything. Whoop whoop!!!
Then we walked over the car park to Asda, then over the car park to Marks and Spencers. Lots of concrete!! I may have got a bit grumpy walking over all the car parks and carrying all the things. And carrying my giant boiling hot coat!!
Mr K came to my rescue and wore my coat over his shoulders. Like a cape.
My hero!!!
When we got back to the garage we availed ourselves of the free tea and coffee, and read trashy magazines. Well I read trashy magazines!!
The car was actually done by 3.30pm, just in time to go and get the Little Misses. Phew!

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