Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

For Father's Day

This is what SweetArt, my dad and I looked like on 29th November 2004! It's possibly the best thing about taking photographs - capturing moments.

I got reminded quite early on in the day that today is Father's Day. My first thought was my disappointment that I don't register this day anymore, as I don't have to get a card or organise to visit my Dad.

I went into my day, driving G to work, doing the shop, dropping it off, collecting G, back again for lunch etc. etc. etc. In the afternoon, I was reminded of how it is getting. G ate the tiniest cupcake and left the wrapper by her sofa; next thing you know, there's a trail of ants. None of them lived much longer after that. It was Pif Paf to the rescue! We're going to have to be extra careful over the next few months with leaving food out.

G delivered her online lesson and then we had biryani to mark the occasion. G commented about loads of posts on Facebook for Father's Day and suggested I do something as well. Fortunately, it didn't take long to find this picture. I guess it is good to have these days to appreciate people. I love that so many of my friends still remember my dad and things he did (read: meals he cooked)!

And I can't end today's journal without mentioning a small cricket match being played at Old Trafford! Another Cricket World Cup... Pakistan and India have such rivalry when it comes to Cricket. Over a billion viewers worldwide and I only got to hear updates provided by BBC World! GK over an out.

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