A day in the life

By Shelling

Burnt Orchid

This orchid, Burnt Orchid, Krutbrännare in Swedish, or Neotinea Ustulata in latin, grows on Öland very close to my home and on Gotland but hardly anywhere else in Sweden. I haven't seen any this year but today I found quite a lot of them along my walk on Alvaret. They are so beautiful but you need to get close. They got their name after the dark flowers on the tip which look burnt. The Swedish name indicates that it looks like the tool used for igniting the powder when firing a canon.

The extra shows sheep heaven. The two young sheep almost disappears in the high grass and I could hear there were a lot of sheep in the field but I couldn't see them only hear them munching away somewhere in there. Food in abundance. I tried to imagine what the sheep will look like after eating all of this grass, quite a fun image.

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