A day in the life

By Shelling


It's a long time since I made Elderberry juice. In fact it isn't made on the berries at all, I don't know why Google translate suggest it, it's made with the elderflowers, sugar and lemon. Very easy and very tasty. On Friday I will know just how tasty.

In the afternoon I took a walk along the beach on the east coast, straight across from where I live, to one of the ancient harbours that you can find everywhere on the island. Because the whole limestone flake that forms the island sort of tips towards the east. Because the coastline gently slopes into the water the fishermen could pull their boats up directly on the limestone shore in many places, in other places a simple harbour was built. I don't know about this one, today it's modernised with jetties and there is no professional fishing going on anymore. In the background you can see the typical landscape of the islands east shore.

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