Jim Harding

By JimHarding

Camping at last - Backblip #1

We have spent the last two weeks energetically searching the second hand market for a pop-up tent trailer and last weekend at last we found what we wanted. It is not so much to save the cost of motels and hotels, but more to enable us to get away and stay at the sorts of places we like, in the desert, by a lake, up in the mountains etc.
So this weekend was our first tentative trip away .... for 3 days, with bikes in the back, we headed off to Huntington State Park on the north side of the San Rafael Swell. (No wifi, so back-blipping).
A lovely site on the edge of the reservoir, as storm clouds build in the late afternoon. And what a test our first evening turned out to be - not much rain but gale force winds and dust. Our new little home stood up well, so we look forward to further adventures.

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