Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Official Camp 2019 Portrait

Hardly any photos today.. so …time for the camp picture.   only one looking pretty pitiful.  (ugh!)    These ladies have been just wonderful…we hung out with brunch and talked books and didn’t go outside til 3PM!    Not far for me... This is 12 feet from the back cabin door(!)  There wasn’t one specific book so we reported on different ones.  Diane and I both read and really liked An American Marriage by  Tayari  Jones that just won the Women’s Prize for Fiction.  , a gentle look at a southern black relationships that was almost more about marriage itself.   I’m not up to writing more…..also  I'm still Here by Austin Brown and a book about the French resistance.

Randi and Diane,( first and third....those intrepid Hwayna Pichu hiking friends), did go off in Kayaks for awhile (extra) Poor Diane, she got a call last night that her brother had a huge stroke…how can all the happen to one person?   She’s not leaving early however.   I’ve enjoyed them a lot but wish I felt better.  Have to go to bed..  I'll get back to your journals later...

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