By Cornrows

Full moon release...

Missed a day yesterday as it was Father’s Day and my Son needed me (my daughter chose to go to Spain with her boyfriend to escape the ‘commercialism’)We went on a 3 hour walk with the dog, without our phones, to just ‘escape’ social media and ‘Father’s Day Deal’ texts. The hardest thing was my Son waking up to a text from Pizza Hut saying ‘Treat your Father this Father’s Day’, it went downhill from that moment. My Son berated himself for ‘not doing more’ with his Dad last year (he was only 12) and he was just so angry that he couldn’t share this day with his Dad. Getting outdoors and away from everything was the best way. He was very aware of all the cars parked at family homes for ‘Father’s Day’ celebration and we ended up shutting the blinds and putting on a movie that his Dad bought him (Ted, I was so angry with his Dad for getting it at the time) but it saved the day yesterday. We laughed and cried together.

Anyhow, today it’s a full moon and I left my crystals out to charge last night. I always find comfort in these stones, there’s something about them that calms me and brings me inner peace.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Monday!

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