By PlanW

The Bed's Too Big Without You

It's been an awfully long time!

No, no good reason, just been really busy doing stuff sometimes, other times doing bugger all. . I'm determined to keep it up now though and I have a phone full of photos going back to my last appearance (in September. I know!) so I'm going to fill some gaps, for myself as much as anything. So here goes...

I went out driving, turned up a Street I'd never been up before just to look and saw a bed frame put out in the street. I thought 'I know where that's going' and here it is. I had to go back for it as I couldn't get it in my little car without putting thd roof down and it was absolutely peeing down so that wasn't happening.

What do you think? Not too 'Steptoe' s yard'? There's a cultural reference for the kids.

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