Beauty is all around us.

By Grace55

Part of our garden.

Our garden is small and narrow. It is best at this time of year, but lovely all year round. A blackbird has started singing nearby in the evenings.
I have tried to fill the garden space with as many plants as possible that can live happily in the shade of a stone wall. This means, it is mostly ferns, and shade loving plants. Two trees were planted by the wind or birds. One is a Sycamore.
There are several Stars of Bethlehem that were at one time made from the original plant.
The Red Valerian, a pink flower on a tall stem, is thriving and not difficult to grow as long as there is enough water, and we have recently had good rainfall.
They are looking good amongst the ferns.
There are cream and green ornamental grasses, a lavender,  a Cottoneaster, orange poppies and some wild flowers are surviving. The snails are not being greedy. The wildflowers are still very small seedlings.
Thanks for visiting my journal and for recent kind comments.
From the Bible:
Look for the blessed hope."
Titus 2 : 13.

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