Busy Wee Week (part 3)

Yes, another busy wee day in my busy wee week. 

When I flicked through the newspaper this morning I saw they had published one of my photos. That started the work day with a buzz.   

With one person missing from the office the rest of us have had to pick up a bit of extra workload, so it is busier than usual. Since only the Goth and I really do what the Missing One is supposed to do, and the Goth only works 2 days a week… To be fair, the other two are the ones taking on the task of reviewing and re-assigning the Missing One’s cases.

I cycled to and from work, which is still so rare this summer as to be worth a mention. It was dry all day, also a rare (very rare, in fact) thing to write this summer. 

Yes, I got the grass cut after work. Ideal. 

The Blip is the newspaper. No false modesty around here. 

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