BWW (part 4)

Feasgar math!

Aye, another busy wee day. The Busy Wee Week moves on. 

I negotiated an early finish at work - 4pm, as I worked an hour on Friday. We are not paid for working overtime, but get the time off when it suits us. I still have 3 extra hours “in the bank”.

The hour was needed because the Gaelic class was covering 2 units in one session, to get us all finished Level 2. I feel a real sense of achievement for sticking at it, and it brings a lot of enjoyment as well.

On the way home from classes I always listen to Radio Nan Gàidheal in the car - a music programme called Rapal. It feels like every week now I understand a bit more of what the DJ is staying. 

I cycled to and from work again, which is fun as well as rewarding. After lunch I was able to sit outside for a few minutes before resuming my role as political subversive maverick. That's when I got my Blip

Puggled now. 

[feasgar math = good evening/afternoon]

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