Hold It Right There!

Just look at how wonderful it is!!  We don't usually have red dragonflies here, nor would I expect one to pose for as long as this one did. You know: first you get the shot from quite far away, thinking it may be the only one, don't scare it. Then you move a little closer, stealthily. Change the angle to see the face better. Tiptoe to the right just a tad. After awhile you realize that it is not going anywhere. Maybe a few inches from the apple tree to the poppy and back, but this creature is here to stay and you can take as many shots as you like. What a wonder!

It reminds me of watching bison in Yellowstone. The first sighting is from miles away, little dots of animals on the horizon, but so exciting. The wild west. You drive along and, a miracle, they are closer, you can really see that they are bison, shaggy and massive. More shots. This goes on, telescoping, until suddenly they are in the road right in front of the car, walking down the yellow line, their rolling huge bloodshot eyes level with the rearview mirror. You can photograph a tongue if you choose, or just sit there, dumbfounded.

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