Cindy is back...... exciting discovery as I strolled through my garden with a cuppa in hand, so exciting I had to take a phone shot and send it through to mum :))

Camellia Cinnamon Cindy is always an early bird but such a delight as we head towards the shortest day in the depths of winter. She's tiny but looks stunning against green foliage with little pink and white buds. She's mostly good with not browning too much and every year she graces my blip journal.

Wednesday.....mum and I were on the road at 7.15am as mum had a hospital appointment. Luckily we left early as once in the city, parked and walked, found our way round the hospital we only had 10 mins spare. Good having an early appointment as I was able to come home and garden for some of the day and mum pottered enjoying the sun. Although I did regret leaving my camera in the car as the rising mist over the Avon River this morning was ever so gentle and beautiful against the morning light. It was very cold and frosty -1.5C as we drove into the city, our high was 12C.

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

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