By flying


....caught by afternoon sun.

It's been a chilly day, 9C, breezy but mostly bright. I happened to wander round the corner of the house and was in awe of the light caught on leucandendron Loving Memories, it had to be my blip.

A busy day today and for the rest of the week, I'm out every day - unheard of for me! So it might be flower blips from me for a wee while, so sorry but life sometimes gets in the way.

It's always lovely to read your words, thank you so much and for the sprinkling of stars and fav's to. I was hoping to ease myself back into blip as my eyes improved but that's not working for me at present. Many apologies for the continued lack of comments, I do miss catching up with you all. 

Keep well blippers, I'll pop in when I can - Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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