The house built on rock

Remember the parable - one of my favourites for you always got to draw it afterwards and I enjoyed that. This teeny little place was spotted in Ballingeary, deep in the Gaeltacht, on our way home from today's expedition, derelict but with an attractive facade.

My first proper excursion out for about 5 weeks and I wasn't sure how it would go especially as I misread my clock and got up at 6.10 instead of 7.10! In fact it went fine. I had an enthusiastic American professor and 8 students studying Early Christian Ireland to show around two early Christian sites and wells. We met at Ballyvourney and did the very active and much revered rounds at St Gobnait's - two wells, a cemetery, a medieval church, a disused Protestant church, the saint's shrine, a sile na gig and a strange agate ball. After lunch I then took them to  St Aban's Well and shrine - totally different hidden amongst the woods, a real and potent mixture of pagan and Christian. All suitably worn out they've headed back to Cork with the promise of pints and pizzas at the Franciscan Well pub tonight. What a great trip they're having - they've been everywhere and still have Dublin, Tara and Newgrange to come.

And good news, I have been such a good gurll doctor Ann has signed me and my eye off and all is well.

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