By kwchas

Unit Base

After an extremely quiet time on the SA front I have now had two jobs in a week.

Today I was involved in the first episode of a new series that I have filmed before. In fact it was my first ever job three years ago. Each episode is a standalone story and this morning I was in a pub scene. In the afternoon we were moved to a garden centre. As I had already been used in the morning (hopefully in shot) I realised that I would only be in deep background in the afternoon and as it happened I wasn't needed.

The production was on a considerably smaller scale than last week and with good weather it proved to a be very enjoyable day. As a bonus I knew some of the people from last week and it is always interesting exchanging stories.

The unit base was at Maghull cricket club and this is the only photo I took today. It is actually a football ground in the same complex and I remember watching a game here in the past.

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