By loisbiz

Exhausted Redwing Blackbird Parent

Bird parents are so busy feeding their babies; the babies are so demanding. This mom was delivering some kind of bug that looked yummy. I got this shot while Ellie was with my son; he kept her for awhile so I could take a walk around the lake at the library. It was very nice and cool out today.

Poor little Ellie woke up a bit clingy this morning....she was rubbing her eyes and sneezing....I believe she is having a seasonal allergy attack..... the advice nurse at the Pediatrician's office said that children don't have seasonal allergies before they are 2 years old and that I should just use saline solution in her nose......thankfully she is feeling happier tonight.....I closed all the doors & windows and we have stayed inside except to get in the car and drive to her Grandpa's house.....but I beg to differ with that nurse, I am sure she has allergies. 

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