... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Geronēnē

More outraged and outrageous in large.
Blip pic was part of a dramatic series (right from (1/7))
Back blip
Nēnē minding heron
Heron wading by
Ross'sling flapping (7/7)
Preening Ross'sling (7/10)

Well, turns out that the friendly little nēnē can turn savage in a heartbeat... It seemed as cute and perky as ever, but then started marauding around menacing all the other geese, including charging into the Ross's goose family and grabbing this mother goose, spinning her around a couple of times, and leaving with a beakful of her feathers!
Oh well, it all calmed down as quickly as it started.
Sad to see the parents without their Ross'slibling, but it was nice to see all four Ross's geese back together again now that the parents aren't in high alert gosling guard mode.

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