... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Injured Emperor

Shapelier and shadowier in large.
Scaup (m) preening
Inverted preening 1/5 & 3/5
Barnacle goose with punky tuft
White-fronted geese posing and grazing
Posing red-breasted goose

WWT London has re-opened (with pre-booked slots to limit numbers), and Mum and I went in the early afternoon. It was a relief to find that it was pretty quiet, and they've introduced a one-way system to help keep people space out.
Two of the emperor geese were separated in an isolation enclosure because the female has injured her foot, but they seemed pretty chipper (nibbling and bleating as usual), and the other two were in with the Bewick's swans, along with two of the Hawaiian geese. It was all rather sleepy, and the scaups and red-breasted geese were actually the most lively characters that we saw.
It was cheering to see the adorable emperors, moody nēnēs, and other friendly faces again.

Others here (or right from Smew (f))

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