It's not that I think people should be gratuitously disrespectful to Donald Dewar (or anyone else for that matter) but traffic cones and Glasgow statues go together. So here is DD's statue suitably augmented with a cone. The curves and reflections of the Royal Concert Hall are behind.

Donald Dewar was a Scottish politician and the first First Minister of Scotland. He died, aged only 63, in 2000. "There shall be a Scottish Parliament. I like that" said Dewar as he introduced the 1997 bill which resulted in the reconvening of parliament in 1999. Certainly not above criticism, and he came in for plenty of that, Dewar was a politician who didn't really fit his contemporary mould and certainly would be completely out of place now. There have always been venal, mendacious, self-serving politicians but these days we're overwhelmed with them. A few more of DD's ilk would not go amiss in my opinion.

Through to Glasgow for a quick visit then home to get things ready to welcome my sister and BiL who'll be arriving later on.

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