Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Blipper's Assistants

Lovely morning - warm(ish), dry, sunny, still. Decided to go over to the Abbey to photograph the buttercups. I did take lots of shots of them (extra, with the temperature of the grass taken right down) but I decided the photograph of Otter and Flora was funnier. I hooked their leads over the Abbey railings while I footered about with the buttercups. They had no idea what was going on. As usual.

Up early with the sunshine and I didn't really mind on such a gorgeous morning. Off to meet my friend C later. Her new knee is healing well and she is back to driving. After that it'll be yoga and a bit more prep for the weekend.

I couldn't face watching the 'leaders' 'debate' last night. Both words in inverted commas. But I have read the accounts. At least the ones I find trustworthy. What a shambles.

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