Extended Household

After three months of restrictions it's now possible for people living alone to join another household. We have been joined by our daughter Lyn to form an extended household. This means that Lyn can come into the house (and presumably the car) without physically distancing. She could stay overnight though I don't think she will as her flat is a ten minute walk from our house. I guess we could have a meal together in the house or at Lyn's flat. All sorts of everyday things which we haven't been able to do since March are now possible. We will be taking things gradually and cautiously but it was lovely to be able to have a hug this morning. The blip shows Lyn and Cameraman scratching Flora under her chin - and not at a 2m distance. Not a great photograph maybe but such a milestone for our family.

In other family related activity we had a visit - in the garden and at the appropriate distance - from our elder son and our 1 year old grandson. The development which makes these kinds of visits so much more comfortable is that it's now permitted for visitors to use the bathroom. It was so nice to have the toddler boy here and see him playing in the garden.

I should have been working today but this was cancelled last week. A bit disappointing but on the other hand I had time to spend with family. I'll be out in the garden soon making the most of the good weather.

Wishing everyone a good weekend.

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