Giant Scabious

Almost as tall as yesterday's lovage the giant scabious is just unfurling. This is an addition to the garden. Last year I was given a couple of roots of the plant in the local guerilla garden. I put it in in the autumn and forgot all about it. Its obviously taken pretty well and I'll enjoy the creamy flowers just opening now.

I'm up early because I have a headache. Headaches and I are not strangers to each other though happily I rarely have the debilitating migraines which were a feature of my life at one point. This headache will go and one of the things I can do to help it on its way is get up. I've been wandering round the garden with a camera from a very early hour.

Something wonderful has happened locally. A chap who has been furloughed from his job has started making, and delivering, icecream. Yesterday evening he arrived on his bike with a cool bag containing my order of two cartons: gluten free banoffee and raspberry and passionfruit. The packaging was cardboard and greaseproof paper which pleased me and the contents of both tubs pleased me more. What a service! As if I needed help to develop more lockdown girth but still. It's nice to support a local initiative.

At yoga last night we were doing various sun salutations because of the summer solstice at the weekend. The teacher said something about welcoming the darker part of the year. What?? But it's true of course. After the weekend the northern hemisphere will slowly start to turn away from the sun. There's still plenty of light left of course and it's not till the end of July, when it gets dark about 10pm, that I start to notice the change. When we pass the winter solstice I eagerly search for an extra minute of light every day and I suppose we have to do the reverse in summer. All the same it's a bit of a thought. We've been in lockdown since the spring equinox.

I have a fairly quiet day ahead. I'm catching up with my friend in Fortrose and have some proof reading to do. I won't spend too much time online though for the sake of my head. The sun is shining and we are forecast another lovely day of weather. I will be outside as much as possible.

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