There are two well established lovage plants in the garden. They, or their progenitors, have been in at least three gardens, temporarily in pots, divided, moved and generally neglected for decades. I wouldn't be without them because they grow so early in the year and flower early too - spectacularly and at a great height. Here is a developing seedhead on one of the plants being investigated by a bee.

Perfectly lovely day with warm sunshine and a gentle breeze. Rather muggy early walk round the rugby ground. Home for coffee and time in the garden. I'm going to a friend for a socially distanced cup of tea this afternoon. Then two zooms - yoga and later with a group of pals who meet monthly.

Listened to FM questions. Tetchy exchanges about education and how much time in the classroom children will get from August. I'm all for blended learning - spent years of my working life at the OU so I would be wouldn't I - but successful blended learning takes time and special skill to organise. You can't just put your usual lessons online and expect that to cut the mustard. I'm not denigrating teachers at all - most of them have rolled their sleeves up and got on with things working hard to try to support and teach all the children in their classes. It's not easy to solve this but it needs to happen for all sorts of reasons.

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