Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Order, Order

Yesterday I took it into my head to turn out the kitchen cupboard. When we moved to this house the cupboard was extenal to the house. It had been the coal cellar and was then being used as a tool shed. Many years ago we had it incorporated into the kitchen and it is now a useful store. It easily turns into a guddle though and eventually it has to be sorted out.

It's funny how things end up in particular parts of the house isn't it. As you can see various beverages live here, ranging from chamomile tea to decent whisky. The baking stuff is here. There are even more baking tins out of sight on a higher shelf. All the pasta, rice, lentils and other dried legumes have been put into good order along with muesli and porridge. Oh and onions, potatoes and other vegetables live here too. Let's see how long this pleasing tidiness lasts.

Well the football happened and the home team takes the result as positive. There were about 15 teenagers next door all cheering Scotland on (enthusiastically shall we say) but to their credit they stopped when the game ended. The dream is still alive but I'm much more concerned about the potential spike in covid numbers.

The sunny weather has moved elsewhere and it is cloudy today. A bit humid too but no rain just now. I've no particular plans so I'm just letting the day happen.

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