Formidable defence line

This is Fisherman's Beach just along from where we are staying. Obviously the place where catches are brought in. Just out of the picture is what used to be Hythe Lifeboat Station, which is now Griggs - a fantastic shop for fresh fish. We walked along there this morning to buy fish for tonight. 

In the picture you can see two round towers - Martello towers Numbers 14 and 15. Seventy four such towers were built in 1805, along the south coast to create a formidable defence line to deter invasion from Napoleonic France. The first extra gives some idea how they were used. 

There were 12 towers in Hythe, of which only three remain. Here are two. Second extra - spot the third! 

A lovely sunny day, but quite windy - wind surfers and kite surfers are having a great time.  

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