A moment in time

Well, I suppose all my journal is about moments in time, or at least that's what I endeavour for it to be. I like to think that I have captured one moment of one day that means something to me. This certainly is that. 

This afternoon we were able to collect the girls from their schools. We so rarely get that opportunity, so it was very special. First the two younger ones from the local primary school and then they directed us to where we could pick up the eldest from her secondary school. We had been told that under no circumstances were we to get out of the car!! Parents, grandparents, are so embarrassing to 12 year olds when they are with their friends. 

Then it was down into Sevenoaks and Pizza Express for tea. They are such good fun to be with, even more now as they are growing up. Great conversation and laughter. At home, we waited for Mum to get in from taking the dogs out. And eventually we left them to it. 

This was a quick photo taken at their front door as we said goodbye. The eldest posed well with her dog - for a second. I have no idea why her sister was looking so pensive. Every moment she isn't at Gymnastics Club, she is on the trampoline in their garden practising - what she can do is truly amazing. The picture, capturing the moment of our leaving, reminded me of some of the old paintings, where young people either stare straight at the viewer or look pensively into space. 

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