By tondrijfhamer

No Phil --- "Who said I would?"

While typing this I was supposed to be in Nijmegen, Goffertpark, a the first (and last?) Phil Collins concert in the Netherlands after a 14 year break.
But I'm not. Here's why.

Bas and Daan went to school this morning. Annemarie and I were getting ready for our trip to Nijmegen. Getting dressed and packing our bags. We'd booked a hotel near Nijmegen, Bas and Daan would sleep over at my sister's place. All was taken care of.

Then Annematrie's phone rang. Daan calling. He had an accident at school during gymnastics and he had a swollen wrist. His teacher advised him to go see a doctor. Daan said it felt as if his wrist was broken. Oh no! Not such a message please!!! (Those kind of messages seem to fit this year somehow.)

Anyways, I jumped in the car and picked him up and we went straight to the doctor.
The doctor also thought it might be fractured. Next stop: Hospital Scheemda, for an x-ray.

Well, long story short: One and a half hour later Daan had his arm plastered because his wrist wás broken at two places. Poor boy.

So, we cancelled our hotel and I managed to sell my Phil Collins tickets on a website as well in the afternoon.

Daan is okay now, he has hardly any pain anymore.
He takes it very well, and looks at lot like his brother in that respect.

The doctor calculated 6 weeks for this.... I guess we have to recalculate our summer holidays as well. I doubt if it is fun to go to +30C France with a ' no swimming' plastered arm. But I've already found out that's not a suitable subject for today. I'll save that for a bit later....

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