Fascinating ..You Will be Surprised

I like pigeons and see no harm in their living along side us .They aren't responsible for the stench of urine in lifts and bus shelters .Nor do they leave rubbish .Quite the reverse since each station is kept clean by their constant clearing up . Having picked this book up today I went to  the SBahn and was rewarded by the pigeon you can see. No bird had left the extra .To put it in the bin took  all of 2 seconds. 
Andrew D Blechman has researched this book well and even if you still don't like Pigeons you 'll learn a lot about a bird which has been on earth far longer than us .Just as few people  are truly beautiful , not every bird is a humming bird or Eagle. 
Later today I saw a young man kick out at one of these amiable avians. . Pity I wasn't closer to the slob/ bully.

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