It's been a busy day but it doesn't seem like I've achieved much. I went down to the Community Centre to find some display boards for the Photo Club stand at the village festival. I found them but they're bigger than I remembered and they wouldn't go in the van. I knew a proper panel van was coming for some other stuff later so I went to the festival site to see if I could get them picked up.

I went home and went back to the Community Centre after lunch. The van arrived and I helped load up the other stuff and my boards and once they were all on the van, I walked back to the festival site. 

Since I was there in the morning the sound guys had come in and were installing the stage, the sound and the lights and their stuff was piled up in my area. There were various things that someone else was setting up that haven't arrived so I left my stuff and I'll go down first thing tomorrow.

I needed to go because it's Phoebe's birthday today and we're going out to supper with them. Paul and Phoebe had the day off and they've done a walk along the coast path from Kingswear to Brixham. Marian had to pick Oscar up from school so she had to go on ahead of me.

We had a lovely meal at 'On the Rocks' in Brixham and the harbour was looking wonderful in the late sun.

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