By strawhouse

Chasing Snowflakes

We've been to Centerparcs every year since before Miss L was born. The first time I went I was pregnant with her!
Last year was the first time we didn't go and I really missed it. So this year we thought we should take out a second mortgage go back.
Today was the day!!
I had a hideously stressful day packing (because obviously I hadn't given it a thought before this morning), wrapping eBay parcels and trying to tidy the house a bit. 
We picked the Little Misses up a bit early from school and by 5pm we were picking up our bikes. After taking a detour on the way through Milton Keynes to find a post office to take the eBay parcels to because I'd run out of time earlier. Sigh!
Miss L was very taken with the snowflake holograms on the floor outside the cycle centre and had to be dragged away from them. I've just seen it's a year tomorrow since her carpet dancing in Ikea. She's like a cat chasing a beam of light!!
Bikes collected it was time to huff and puff up the hill to our lodge. We threw all caution to the wind and didn't request the same one we always have. The £30 that saved will pay for one of our visits to Starbucks this week!!!!
The lodge is in a good location but my God it's a bit hilly on a bike!!

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