Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Blue velvet

It was well after sunset on this one but shortest day of the year by the time I got to Merewether beach.  By then it was a rather long exposure and the sea looked very much like blue velvet to me.

Nothing much else taken today.  I spent my lunch hour whale watching but only bothered with my binoculars rather than getting the camera out, they were mostly far out.  I saw about a dozen or so and one came in quite close and then disappeared.  I missed the breach loudly announced by a woman standing nearby who then apologised for screaming but explained she just gets so excited when she sees them.  I did see the splash however.  It's a great pass time at this time of year.

Well the weekend is here again and the nursing home is out of lockdown so Poppy and I will visit unless Hamish gets over his lameness by tomorrow morning.  Not sure what is up with him but if he doesn't improve it will be off to the vets.  A happy weekend to you all.

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