It rained on my parade today.....

.....and on my plans. Well, my plans were mowed down actually.

As we do, I received my "your next milestone is approaching" email a couple of days ago. As we are looking after the littlest munchkins this week, I thought I'd better plan ahead for something a bit special. As I was outside talking to the birds this morning, I noticed a huge clump of the tiniest fungi and thought "perfect"! I love fungi almost as much as dried grasses. 
Off I go to take Miss E to netball, in the rain, and then to Kmart as a special treat. We needed to get some stuff to play with this afternoon as the weather really set in. 
We got home only to discover that the Driver, bless him, had mown the grass!!!! And all the fungi!!!  Noooo! And the rain was getting heavier and heavier. Blimey! So, as the rain bucketed and the wind howled I set off for the ocean. Drenched! New camera damp. Couldn't see what I was doing as my glasses were wet. Anyway, I survived and therefore my meagre offering is of a windswept and wet Canal Rocks and the only other fungus I could find on the block :-))

Once again may I thank those of you who keep the good ship Blip afloat with all your hard work behind the scenes. You are amazing. Thanks to those of you who pop by and sprinkle stars and lovely comments. Your visits are appreciated even though I have become rather slack with my commenting. But, as we know, blip is addictive so I can't see myself disappearing any time soon.

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