Spot The Difference

From what the guides had said on our visit on Tuesday, we had hoped that the Titan Arum might have matured, but, compared with the (extra) photo from then, the flower does not appear to have developed a great deal, although by yesterday it had grown another 28cm. We were just 30 minutes too early to witness today's measuring ceremony.
The spathe, however, is beginning to change colour, (extra 1) which indicates that it will shortly begin to emit its distinctive odour of rotting flesh which will attract its fly pollinators. The guide suggested this could happen overnight; the garden uses all social media to alert the public to the impending event (the plant has its own Twitter account) we expect to be visiting again very soon.
As we walked through the gardens the wildlife continued their grazing, be it on land or water, I could not resist a few more photos (extra 2).

Mr Flum then suggested a walk to the end of the Granton East Breakwater, an activity he undertook as a youth but now carrying a warning, ignored by the several fishermen and ourselves. Extra 3 proves our confidence was not misplaced and we returned unscathed, hoping the ladybird tucked among the lichen (extra 4) was equally successful. 

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