We Spotted The Difference!

The message from the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh came through at teatime that the Titan Arum had, indeed, flowered overnight. 'Visiting hours' commenced at 7pm, we arrived shortly after that.

This, the period immediately after opening, is the time the flower emits an odour likened to rotting flesh, in order to attract the flies that will pollinate the ova deep in the base of the spathe, and is the origin of its nickname of 'New Reekie'. On the previous occasions the Arum has flowered we have been too late to witness the smelly stage. 

Extra photo is from the previous viewpoint, with the view of the height record, which shows yesterday's measurement of 270cm. It appeared that staff were preparing to take today's reading, some 6 hours later than usual.

We are still debating whether tomorrow we should bring the Flumlet see this, bearing in mind we are expecting heavy rain for most of the day.

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